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our patron


cultural commentator, architectural writer and broadcaster, Jonathan Meades...

..on being asked to be patron of the manchester modernist society Jonathan said

"I am honoured...and given some of the things I have said about Manchester's recent architecture, bemused."

"Jonathan Meades, a man who doesn’t appear on television anything like enough. On a medium that is addicted to cookie-cutter formats and repetitive plagiarism, he has been responsible for some of the most idiosyncratically original and memorable television.

Meades dances through the made landscape with a mercurial brilliance. He is the civic David Attenborough or a tour guide for Martians. Who else would or could front an hour’s television about Aberdeen’s architecture? It makes you realise the intellectual, cultural and imaginative paucity of all those helicopter-and-Elgar trips around Britain that are strung together with easy clichés. Meades is a master of saying the same thing five times. This isn’t repetition, it’s a venerable oratorical trope, the variation on a theme. It gives a magisterial rhythm to ideas. . " The Times


"Should you want to watch the three best new factual programmes that will be broadcast on BBC television this year – and I feel I am performing a rare public service by alerting you all to them – then be sure to watch Off Kilter, the three-part series written and presented by Jonathan Meades. Meades is probably Britain's foremost cultural critic. There is almost no corner of that culture that remains alien to him, or unscrutinised in his original, penetrating way" The Telegraph